Special Offer for Leading with Emotional Intelligence viewers

By understanding the way that your brain is wired, you will have the core component for building a successful team or organization.

If you know what you do and why you do it (and you know this information about your co-workers), you can begin to align around a common goal and determine where to lean in and where to ask for support. Once you master this approach, you will no longer feel put off by individual differences. Instead, you will embrace them.

We have always known people see the world differently. Now you will know why. From this foundation, you can build effective, productive, and collaborative organizations.

Simpli5 is the team collaboration platform utilized by Dr. Britt Andreatta as our insight is based on the way that your brain is wired. With a 3-minute investment of time, you can see how you and your coworkers show up in the project completion cycle. Simpli5 gives you customized and targeted advice that enables you to get more done by recognizing and appreciating cognitive diversity.

  • Fix the process,
    not the people

    Problems that you think are caused by poor employee performance—disinterest, bottlenecks, carelessness—can be corrected by adjusting team processes. Simpli5 directs your management mindset to focus on improving your team’s workflow.

  • Solve the mystery of
    team management

    When working with multiple teams, it can feel impossible to manage each one effectively. With leadership strategies, team collaboration analyses and employee work style breakdowns, you have a custom roadmap for navigating team dynamics.

  • Create alignment,
    move forward

    It’s simple—a team in sync does better work. Simpli5 helps leaders get everyone on the same page and eliminate conflict between teammates. Working as a unit accelerates team performance and leads to happier, more fulfilled employees

  • Unlock
    your potential

    Understanding how you prefer to work, learn and collaborate is a simple way to set yourself up for success. With Simpli5 as your personal guide, you can overcome roadblocks, maneuver tough situations with teammates and get the most out of every work day.