Reading the Room when You Can’t See the Room – Virtual Collaboration

Do you know what your teammates need from you—What they are listening for? What they value? How they prefer to work? Knowing the answers to these questions has always been important, but in a virtual world, understanding your teammates is mandatory! How do I make sure my team members are being efficient while doing a quality job? Should I check in on them throughout the day? Am I being reasonable with my deadlines and assignments? Do our work from home policies really work?

Intact Teams are facing an increasing number of questions and concerns. What we initially thought might be a week or two of working from home became months and is now indefinite.

Companies took a hard, right turn to accommodate this new normal but now it is time to settle in and figure out best practices in a socially distant world. We are here to help.

5 Dynamics is offering our popular virtual collaboration training program that will be a game-changer for you and your company. We will teach you how to optimize team collaboration in a virtual world. We will give you tangible tools and insights that you can apply to your virtual team collaboration right away. In this program, you will learn:

  • How to easily identify and leverage your team members’ strengths

  • How to understand that what works for you might not work for your teammates and why.

  • How to recognize what motivates others and why a one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

  • How to know what your teammates are listening for in every meeting.

  • How to apply data driven best practices for working in virtual teams.

You will walk out of this training session ready to solve team-management bottlenecks. This session will teach you how to enhance team collaboration, team productivity, team communication, team building, as well as effective team leadership.

We are offering two versions of this popular program. The first is for existing 5 Dynamics customers who have a firm foundation in our methodology. The second is for intact teams that are new to the 5 Dynamics Methodology but looking for the secret to unleashing team potential in a virtual world. There must be a minimum of 10 participants per program offering.