Make It Fun: Improve your Sales to People with High Excite Energy

Ask Yourself 3 Questions About Your Sales Process

  1. Have you recently heard anyone describe your company’s sales process as fun?
  2. How about unifying or personable?
  3. Do your prospects like your salespeople?

How you answered these three questions and how you felt while thinking about them can tell you a lot. Is your sales process friendly to those with Excite Energy? And what are your natural preferences?

Did you find yourself thinking, No, it’s not fun but it should be! Or perhaps, Selling is about winning the deal, not making friends!

How these questions made you feel can tell you something about your preferred way of selling and buying. We all fall into the trap of thinking everyone does things like we do—that certainly is the case with selling. The trouble is it’s usually wrong.

Getting The Most From Employees With High Excite Energy

People with higher Excite Energy are always asking themselves the fundamental question, “Who?” They want to know who you are and they want a relationship with you.

Trust me, it can be worth the effort; these are the people who will become advocates for your product or service inside their organization. They will find ways for it to unify their colleagues and clients, and they will likely play a prominent role in its implementation. They will take bigger risk, and do so more quickly than those with different Energies.

But to keep this advocacy requires you to adapt your sales process to their needs:

  • Urgency is important to keeping the sales process moving. Keep front and center the challenge you are helping them solve.
  • Key for them is building consensus around the decision to buy your product or service; unfortunately for them and you, not all their colleagues are likely to have this same drive. So, while they might not value it, you should equip them with data and with as few options as possible in order to help them sell internally to those with different Energetic preferences.
    This might feel like you are coaching, and you are.

Selling to a person with high Excite Energy can be fun if it matches your natural preferences—or if it doesn’t, then you are likely in for a wild, energy-draining and stressful ride. To help you get through it, always remember that this is just their natural way of doing things.

And don’t forget to have fun—it might be the reason you close the deal!

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