What's Love Got To Do With It? Know the Mindset of Those High in Examine Energy

In the previous installment of this series, we talked about how your prospect with high Excite Energy wants to know more about the person with the solution to sell. They are often more willing to buy from you if they like you.

In this segment, we are going to look more closely at those with high Examine Energy and show you why it is so important to know the mindset of these prospects. For example, Examine Energy is likely to be turned off by your friendly salesperson overtures; in fact, you may lose them at hello.

Get Organized

For these prospects, love has nothing to do with it.

  • People with high Examine Energy are listening for the facts—solid facts presented in a logical way, supported by reputable references and historical data.
  • You will get points for your organizational skills rather than for your winning personality. You must have your ducks in a row before this contact.
  • You need to avoid filling the quiet spaces in the conversation with chatter. These prospects are evaluating everything you are presenting to them, and they don’t necessarily think out loud, so give them time to process what you are presenting.

Those With High Examine Energy Are Risk-Adverse

People who are higher in Examine Energy are the most risk-adverse of all the Energies and for good reason—they feel they are protecting their organization from risks. With that in mind, make it easy for them by making sure they have all the data they need to make the decision.

Again, by keeping things organized and logical, you make it easier for them to feel confident that they have all the information. If your demo goes sideways and an unforeseen bug surfaces, then your quick assurances that it will be resolved is just not going to work for these prospects. For them, where there is one bug there could be many.

It’s Not Personal

The first two Energies have a personal side to the sale. Whether its mapping your offering to their mental model of the known solutions universe or trusting you to become the internal solution advocate, they are thinking about how it relates to themselves.

For Examine Energy prospects, on the other hand, the sales process is an objective analysis of the needs of the organization and your company’s ability to meet those needs.

It’s not you, it’s not personal, it’s just how they prefer to make the buying decision.

Keeping your awareness of that truth, and presenting all the facts cleanly and logically, will go a long way to helping these types of buyers feel they have driven a hard bargain.

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