Abundant Energies

Not long ago, I was reminded of why I need to be more appreciative of the high Examine Energy in my life. My husband Ed is Abundant in this Examine Energy. Sometimes it can be a little maddening. For example, when he feels the need to run down the 23 reasons that my brilliant ideas will fail… or when he bursts my bubble by telling I that am “not being realistic.”

Recently, he inadvertently reminded me that high Examine’s attention to detail and their need to look at what could go wrong comes from a desire to protect and not to punish.

I was standing in the kitchen with my husband grabbing a bite to eat when he glanced into the backyard and saw a fire raging right behind our house. He screamed for me to call 911, which I did as he ran outside to grab a water hose.

Of course, there was no need to search for a hose because everything in our yard is always in its place, thanks to him. I have to admit that it drives him a little batty when the neighbors leave things in disarray for months at a time, but I digress. Yes, being able to get to anything and everything very quickly because you maintain all of your possessions in an orderly fashion is a high Examine trait (and Execute too, but I digress again), but this was not the reason that I realized that I should value my husband’s abundant Energy. I came to that awareness after the firefighters arrived at my house and after the fire was under control.

Firetruck and EMS

We have a pasture behind our house and the grass gets pretty high. We don’t get enough rain in Texas most of the time, and dry, tall grass is known for burning quickly. My husband is a big believer in doing all of the work around the house that he possibly can. He doesn’t like to spend money on things that he can take care of himself. So every spring and summer you can find him mowing, weeding, edging and blowing our 1.5-acre property.

He has a system (not a surprise to those of you who understand the Examine Energy) and part of his system is that he goes behind our fence in the backyard and mows a few strips in the pasture even though it is not our land. I always found that to be silly and unnecessary. But this week, this week it probably saved our yard and possibly our house from going up in flames. You see, the fire spread through the pasture very quickly, but where Ed had mowed just a few days earlier was wet as we had a little bit of rain the day before the fire broke out.

His high Examine had thought through what could happen and he planned for this possibility. In one million years I never would have thought about that, but I am certainly thankful that Ed did.

Backyard fire and smoke

Although we can sometimes become frustrated with people who have Energies different from our own, we need to try to think about how those people add value to our lives. They are probably the very ones that we need to keep around. I found out through this scary experience that this is not only true in work relationships but also in personal ones.


  • Who have you overlooked recently?
  • Are you allowing others to share their gifts with you?
  • Can you recall an experience where an individual who sees the world from a lens that differs from yours has saved you from eminent danger? This can be anything from literally saving your life or saving you on a project?

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