Maximize your team's potential

Simpli5 gives your team everything it needs to work collaboratively, manage projects from start to finish and meet your goals in record time.

Why Simpli5?

Teams of every kind are using Simpli5 to maximize their talent and elevate their work

  • Jump-start

    Remove bottlenecks and help teams move through a predictable project cycle. Understand where team members prefer to spend time in their workflow and how they collaborate to boost performance.

  • Boost engagement
    and satisfaction

    Eliminate conflict by addressing areas of potential friction within teams. Empower employees to embrace different work styles.

  • Develop better
    leadership strategies

    Take team performance to the next level with custom leadership resources. Unite and inspire teams to work in sync and exceed expectations.

Proven methodology meets powerful technology

Most leaders tend to focus on what people do, instead of how they do it. In 3 minutes or less, Simpli5 determines how a person works through different phases of a project–ideation, alignment, planning and execution. Using these analyses, Simpli5 delivers customized development resources to leaders and their team members

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Resources the way you need them: simple, customized and contextual

  • Team Leadership Reports

    Learn how to adjust your natural leadership style to meet your team’s needs.

  • 1:1 Leadership Guides

    Select a team member to understand how you can best lead them in any scenario.

  • Team Dynamics Guide

    Predict how a team will perform throughout a project, identify their potential productivity risks and learn what inspires them at every project stage.

  • Manage Multiple Teams

    Multiple team interfaces allow you to add and manage multiple teams within your organization or across multiple organizations in one place.

  • Work and Learning Preferences

    Understand your natural work style and those of your teammates so that you can collaborate with ease.

  • Leadership Style Report

    Pinpoint your areas of strength and potential pitfalls based on your natural work style.

Simple yet scalable for individuals, teams and organizations


Everyone can be a great leader if given the right tools. Simpli5 delivers customized resources that guide leaders as they manage individuals and teams. Our platform helps anyone with a team achieve success.

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Team dysfunction can be difficult to remedy without the right insight and strategy. Simpli5 equips teams with the methodology and resources needed to improve team dynamics and make an immediate and lasting impact on group performance.

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Mergers &

When organizations come together, they risk a clash in cultures that can have costly impacts on business, morale and employee retention. Simpli5 helps leaders understand and unite their company cultures, minimize miscommunication and build cohesive teams.

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Teamwork in Action

Discover how teams are using Simpli5 to solve challenges of culture, collaboration, leadership and productivity.

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