Are Your Employees Satisfied?

Photo of two co-workers having a discussion

As part of the 5 Dynamics Methodology, we have the concept of the Success/Satisfaction Cycle. As a project moves through its various phases, it is important that we evaluate both within each phase as well as at the culmination of the project. At the end of any project or process, we ask the questions:

Were you successful and were you satisfied?

The success question is fairly easy for most people to address. We are used to evaluating based on outside measures:

  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Was the project completed within budget?
  • Did the project deliver on expectations?

But what about the second question, were you satisfied? That one is a little tougher for most people to answer. In our 5 Dynamics‘ facilitated training sessions, we ask people to go around the room and just say what “satisfaction” personally means to them. The responses are very diverse. They represent what each individual really wants from work, what they consider a job well done, what they strive to get and to give, and even why they show up for work each day. Buried in their responses, you will begin to understand what gives work meaning for each of them. We have noticed that about 85% of the time that the answers that are given, directly correlate to an individual’s highest energies.

Try it in your workplace. Ask your peers, your coworkers, and even your boss, what satisfaction means to them. You might be surprised by their responses.

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