December 2022 Note from Karen

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Dear Colleagues, Clients, and Friends,

As we approach the end of one year and look forward to the next, we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on where we have been and look forward to what is yet to come. We are in our twelfth year of nurturing Mike Sturm’s incredible methodology that has changed the lives of so many for the better. Mike’s focus was on getting people unstuck, freeing them to be the best version of themselves that they could be. Mike left this earth in 2012, but his legacy lives on as his methodology continues to change lives and empower people. We are so grateful for the gift that Mike shared with all of us, and we work hard every day to ensure that it will continue to live on for many years to come.

This year, we loved having the opportunity to connect our customers with one another at our Simpli5 Leaders Summit. We heard from some amazing speakers who shared their best practices and incredible results. If you missed the live event, not to worry, you can still hear from our speakers by clicking here. We look forward to making this an annual event so be sure to keep an eye out for details on the next one.

We also look forward to providing you with additional resources in 2023 that will aid you in getting the most from your investment in the Simpli5 platform. Providing you with an experience that best enables you to deliver on the things that are most important to you is what is most important to us. Your feedback is valued and we hope the updates and new additions to come reflect that.

As we move into the holiday season, we hope that you will have time to do the things you love with those you love.. We look forward to 2023 and being able to continue to strive to share with you this incredible methodology that we are honored to be able to nurture and grow.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

With gratitude,

Karen Wright Gordon

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