Influence and Effective Communication

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Have you ever wished for the ability to read people’s minds? Did you ever think things could be that much easier for you in your relationships if you could tell what the other person was thinking/feeling and anticipate their needs?

Well, with the 5 Dynamics Methodology, you just might find yourself feeling ever so slightly like Dr. Charles Xavier (mind-reading founder of a classic comic series team, for those of you who may not know).

You may be thinking being able to effectively influence others requires a certain job title, but the truth is anyone can influence others no matter their position. It’s a strategic skill that we all can cultivate if we work on developing our ability to perceive the intrinsic motivators behind a person’s behaviors.

5 Dynamics is an important factor to understanding why people do what they do, including those behaviors you may find annoying. Once we are able to interpret people’s behaviors as part of their process for making sense of information, we can figure out how to speak their language and use their energetic preferences to influence and effectively communicate with them.

Now, there’s a fine line between Dr. X and Kilgrave (villain who used his power of mind control for evil) (Yes, I realize there’s a lot of comic references in this post but seriously how can we talk about influencing people and not make a connection to superheroes/villains?)

Understanding what drives the behaviors of others and how they think is a powerful tool for influencing and effectively communicating with them. If you can make sense of their process and communicate in their language, you can better impact the outcomes you are trying to reach.

Think of the Simpli5 platform as your decoder ring. The next time you need to convince your boss to allocate more budget to your project, inspire your team to work overtime, or make your spouse believe that the timeshare really was a good idea, consult Simpli5 first. There you will find all the insights you need to prepare for any conversation by utilizing the “Working Together,” “Leading [Name]”, and “Learning Preferences” sections.

With the proper use of this tool, those high in Excite will be winning over those high in Examine with their diligently researched talking points; those high in Examine will be dazzling those high in Explore their big picture musings; and those high in Execute will be shooting the breeze with and persuading those high in Excite.

People are more receptive to new ideas when they are communicated to them in a way with which they are comfortable and familiar. Whether you are trying to sell a product, score a date with your crush, talk a friend into something that is probably a really bad idea, or convince a room full of people that they should in fact listen to what you are saying, it all starts with understanding who you are talking to.

Now go forth and use your powers of influence and effective communication for good.

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