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It’s impossible to think of Simpli5 use cases without Onboarding coming to mind. Getting to know a new hire and equipping the new hire with the ability to understand the dynamics of the team they are joining can take what can be a grueling experience and make it seamless instead.

As someone who was once an intern, I was fortunate enough to join a team that utilized Simpli5. This allowed me to have a unique onboarding experience as I could use my 5 Dynamics knowledge to get to know my coworkers through a different lens. Knowing their energetic preferences allowed me to understand and appreciate them and value the strengths they brought to the team, even if typically those very behaviors are ones I would have found difficult to work with.

By simply inviting the new employee to your team’s existing Simpli5 org, both parties can get to know one another without the ofttimes awkward and uncomfortable trial and error of getting to know how to successfully work together. Pair reports and team reports are invaluable resources during the onboarding experience and can help to facilitate effective and informative conversations between the new hire and existing team members.

This guide to Improving Onboarding is also a useful resource as you navigate a new addition to your team.

A few points to remember:

- Your version of a successful onboarding experience may not be the same for your new team member – it’s important to approach their onboarding experience from their energetic perspective

- “Working Together” and “Learning Styles” are the most commonly used sections on the Simpli5 platform for onboarding

Team dynamics ebb and flow as people come and go, and without proper awareness it can be stressful and lead to uncertainty, but with Simpli5 and the 5 Dynamics methodology that uncertainty transforms into understanding and a sense of calm about the ever-changing landscape of work.

Be sure to keep this in mind as you begin preparations for this year’s Summer Interns!

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