One in 1,000

Recently one of our staff was working with a high tech team and one of the participants had an assessment result of Deliberate+ in all four Energies. This is a highly unusual result, perhaps one in 1,000. The participant confirmed the validity of the outcome: she was always trying to choose what Dynamic to be in, in order to “please everyone,” as she put it. Life was a non-stop balancing act.

The participants’ guide includes learning style pages for the four Energies, but also a special fifth page for people with this one-in-1000 score. It felt great to refer to it in her presence, so she would not feel odd or unusual. This fifth page is in the manual due to the insistence of our late founder Michael Sturm. 999 times out of a thousand the page had little relevance. Ah, but that thousandth one!

To Mike, each individual was unique. Each individual was “the exception.” He always did his utmost to make everyone feel valuable and valued. Even though he left us in January, his presence is felt daily through his work and his shared values that guide our work.

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