Reserved in the Third Dynamic

A friend of mine is reserved in Examine the 3rd Dynamic.

Okay… I’m reserved in Examine but my friend is also reserved there too. As a matter of fact most of my friends, my mother, my stepmother and my brother are reserved in the 3rd Dynamic. Where do I go for help in the 3rd Dynamic? All I can say is that I have to go far because I’m surrounded by… me.

The 3rd Dynamic is where the Energy narrows and examines the pros and cons of wherever you are. It is the place of discernment and criticism and most importantly the place for a reality check. Oh my gosh! I can’t stand being there! I want everything to be perfect and I don’t want to see cracks and crevices. I want to make stuff and make people happy and move on. This whole business of the 3rd Dynamic is kryptonite.

So those are my feelings and reactions to the 3rd Dynamic. That is only part of the picture. I learned DOS when I was 18 and became a web developer way back in the 1990s. I am the one that people ask for tech support and help with organizing. How can this be? It’s not that I cannot do “Examine-y things.” I can do them and I can do them well sometimes but I just cannot do them for a long time.

I also have to relate 3rd Dynamic tasks to the bigger picture. In that way I feel good about doing them. I think too that instinctively I knew I had some gaps in that area and trained myself to fill them in so I could smooth out areas in my life that were not getting addressed. I learned how to slow down and take a bit of time to assess the implications of an action or commitment. With the knowledge of 5 Dynamics I am more likely to seek the advice from a person who is high in Examine. This way I minimize the chances of my deluding myself.

I know someone who is reserved in the 3rd Dynamic who got a PhD in statistics. The evidence mounts that we who are reserved there can achieve great things in that Dynamic. However, it has to be done with careful consideration and we have to make sure to include more of the Energies that bring more joy into our lives.

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