Tax Day!

Photo of an opened notebook with a "$" sign written on the page

It’s that time of year again: tax day. We actually get a break this year due to some timely national holidays, so I’ve been spending about two days longer than usual reflecting on taxes.

Last year on tax day, I found myself fourth in line at the post office, waiting to mail off my return. As I stood there, tongue in cheek, I pondered my fellow tax companions and their possible Energetic preferences.

First there was a stodgy, middle-aged gentleman, shirt-tail out and wispy hair waving to and fro—like underwater fronds in the current—as he frantically searched for a working pen to fill out his extension before he was next to be called up to the counter. Probably high in Explore Energy.

Next came a well-tailored woman, tapping her high heel pumps and checking her phone about twice a minute. A call came in, which she dispatched with terse efficiency. Most likely high in Execute Energy. (I speculated that the envelope tucked under her arm must contain an amended return—no doubt, a high Execute would have filed the day after getting her W-2 in January; however, while trying to find out what was taking her refund so long, she discovered she had rushed a few steps.)

Directly in front of me was a pleasant young lady who was actually giddy about filing her first tax return—the previous summer she had graduated college and found the perfect “big girl” job; her sister had helped her complete the tax forms, so she wasn’t too terribly worried if she might be audited. How could I possibly know all that? She told me, at length. Almost definitely high in Excite Energy.

And me? I had finished two days earlier, but then I let it sit overnight so that I could do one last triple-check with fresh eyes: my forms were complete and properly ordered; W-2 attached to the front of the packet and crisply folded into place; the mailing address carefully transcribed from the last page of the instructions; two stamps, just in case. Back home, I had a note to redo my W-4, since a new credit meant I was now withholding too much. You guessed it—my favorite accessory is the bowtie and my highest Energy is in Examine.

No matter your Energy, we hope that this coming tax day is not too taxing for you. Or for those around you. Cheers!

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