Collaboration • Large Family-Owned Winery

Cultivating Your High Potentials


An internationally renowned winery was attempting to amplify the outcomes of their annual High Potential Managers program, by which strategy was created using the combined knowledge of selected participants.


As the culmination of a six month development program, the client tasked the High Potential Managers to present the executive leadership with specific recommendations to improve the company’s growth.

The customer told us: “I designed this HiPo program to work as teams. I factored 5 Dynamics heavily throughout all of it. First they took the assessment to discover how they learn and work with others. I consciously formed the teams in such a way as to make sure all four Energies were represented, and I told them why. This made a huge difference—even more than I expected.

“I explained that everyone comes with unique gifts, skills, and energies. When you assemble a cohort team this way you get a balance of diverse styles. It creates higher-performing teams and accelerates their output.

“These teams have come together and developed some of the most innovative recommendations. It’s been like action-learning where they would adjust styles and they use a balance of Energies, consciously, as their platform.

“They quickly gained consensus on their ideas. Before, at this point in the program teams were just scurrying about. There is none of that now. They are cohesive, prepared, on track. They are using the 5 Dynamics language in all their conversations as they move through the process of work.


“I have been doing high potential teams for 15 years. This was far and away the best, and the extensive use of 5 Dynamics was the only control factor I changed. They were much better prepared for their presentations, and they talk about how much they have learned from each other. They had a process. They worked through the 5 Dynamics, starting with Explore through Execute and Evaluate. It drove everything they did.”