Collaboration • High Production Team

Focus on Peer-to-Peer Collaboration


A startup organization had limited human resources to draw upon. The staff on-hand had to find a way to work together, productively, as fast as possible.


The goal was to find two individuals who, when combined, would maximize all the Dynamics in the Project Completion Cycle without excess redundancy. This team was chartered with producing copy and artwork design for all sales, marketing and training pieces, as well as design of a web site.


Initially the team was frustrated by the process of working together. Kathy’s creative process seemed to take forever and made Diane impatient. On the other hand, Kathy was irritated by Diane’s need to quickly analyze what needed to be done and then do it—without discussing it extensively or considering Kathy’s options.

Over time, as they got to know each other better and become more familiar with the Project Completion Cycle, they began to appreciate each other’s natural tendencies and found the things that each of them struggled with was where the other one excelled. Tasks that one did not want to do, the other was excited to assume. Gradually they fell into a rhythm where both intuitively knew what each needed to contribute for the project to be successful. The team became a “production powerhouse” and generated work that was top quality, attractive, and compelling.

More than a year later, the team is still working together; both members are satisfied in the arrangement, and their collaborations are always successful.