Teaming • International software development alliance

Team Development, Management Interaction


An international software alliance, developing revolutionary communication/business tools and applications, was suffering from ineffective communication, dissent and disagreement amongst its staff.

Team members couldn’t “see” the founder’s vision to be able to turn it into workable applications. As a result, their projects suffered from endless iterations and they failed to make deadlines. They had never been able to complete a project; unsurprisingly, this was causing budgetary and morale issues.

After taking the Assessment and using the Teaming tools, the management team discovered that many of their strengths (high-intensity Dynamics) overlapped, and that they also lacked the people with the process intensities necessary both to foster healthy interactions and to logically plan and execute precise plans. The findings came as a revelation to these managers, and they broke the interminable cycle of conflict and inaction that had plagued the organization.


As a consequence of the findings: New individuals were brought on to the board of directors; Certain individuals saw themselves as redundant and decided to leave the team; The team recruited other people with the requisite strengths; Job functions, goals and timelines were clarified and the group is now making record progress; Everyone (including those who left the organization) is on better terms than ever, because the assessment results catalyzed a newfound appreciation for everyone’s abilities.


The Assessment and tools had shifted the group’s perspective to a higher positive ground, and they are now making remarkable progress toward project completion. The increase in the Third Dynamic, Examine, helped the team get projects out on time.