Development • Global Beverage Producer/Distributor

Improving Working Relationships


Two new executives had been recruited to lead core HR functions in a global beverage producer/distributor. They needed to rapidly accommodate each other’s working styles, and produce results in a fast-paced, action-oriented culture.

The two executives immediately experienced high levels of friction, stress, and misunderstanding, which grew worse as the intense workload piled up. Despite their deep knowledge of many tools and approaches, they could not find a way to surmount their differences.


The two executives took the 2-minute individual 5 Dynamics Starting Point Assessment. They immediately saw how their strengths were opposite, complementary, and could easily be applied to their work. They used other 5 Dynamics tools to map a new set of hand-offs in all their projects, and they used pair reports to understand how to accommodate to the other’s ways of doing, learning, and collaborating.


Within six months, both executives have been promoted. They agree their cooperation is superb; they are now extremely good friends and understand how each contributes to the other’s success.