Mentorship is a Two-Way Street

Two people engaged in conversation

A mentorship relationship consists of two people: a mentor and a mentee, but what this also means is that this relationship consists of two unique energetic patterns that need to learn how to coexist in a symbiotic relationship. Just because one person is the designated mentor and one is the designated mentee doesn’t mean they can’t learn from each other, as both have unique gifts they can share with the other. It is equally important for each person to understand how they show up energetically and how the other shows up energetically, as they will most likely have different styles of communicating and learning.

As an example, if you are a salesperson who is high in Explore/Excite and you are paired with a sales mentor who is high in Examine/Execute, you should recognize that what works great for her/him/them might not be the best approach for you. There is more than one path to get to any given destination. Perhaps your sales mentor excels at research and is able to win customers over by impressing them with a great depth and breadth of knowledge around any given topic. Perhaps you will excel at seeing opportunities and truly connecting with your clients.

These are two different approaches to closing deals. They are both effective approaches but very different ways of getting there. Though your strategies may differ, you still have much you can learn from your mentor as she/he/they will open your eyes to approaches that do not come as naturally to you. It is okay, however, to figure out what works best for you based on your natural energetic strengths. Rather than simply mimic your mentor, you can take the valuable lessons they have to teach you and incorporate them into what works best for you based on your energetic preferences and create a whole new approach that is stronger and more holistic.

Likewise, you may open your mentor’s eyes to things they had not previously thought about as they impart the lessons they have learned and the wisdom they have gained through their experiences. Utilizing the Simpli5 platform and the 5 Dynamics methodology is a great way to approach a relationship that is geared toward personal and professional growth and development. The “Working Together” and “Leading 1:1” sections can be particularly helpful to facilitate dialogue and open the doors to a greater appreciation of one another’s strengths.

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