New Product Release: Customization Feature

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Leadership has a significant impact on corporate culture and whether or not a strategic initiative within a company will be successfully implemented. Without the right contextual information, employees may find themselves being left in the dark and unenthusiastic about change initiatives. However, when leadership is transparent about the goals in mind and connects the effort to the current Employee Experience, employees can feel better connected and better aligned to the overall vision. In a Harvard Business Review article on Change Management, it is said that “a [project] led by a skilled, motivated, and cohesive team, championed by top management and implemented in a department that is receptive to the change… is bound to succeed.”

According to Prosci’s 2014 research of change management across 822 organizations, the single greatest contributor to the success of a change effort is active and visible executive sponsorship. That is why, in order for the Simpli5 platform to better empower your efforts, we have added the ability for your company to use a customized video on your organization’s homepage which will appear on the “My 5 Dynamics” page of each individual’s profile. This provides the opportunity for a contextualized and customized experience in which a company can relate Simpli5 back to their corporate culture goals with executive-level endorsement. In addition to this feature, you can also include a personalized introduction paragraph within the “Work Preferences” section to further contextualize the subsequent information.

By utilizing Simpli5 and the 5 Dynamics methodology you are already on the road to success, but with these new features, you can better lay the foundation for company-wide adoption and culture change.

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