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Abundant Energies

Abundant Energies

Not long ago, I was reminded of why I need to be more appreciative of the high Examine Energy in my life. My husband Ed is Abundant in this …

Graphic of Harvard's logo and 5 Dynamics' logo

Harvard + 5 Dynamics

For the past two years, 5 Dynamics has been working with the Harvard University Department of Physics to study how learning preferences cont…

Graphic with the words "Human Centric" and "Business Process"

Human Centric Business Process

When people write about something as miraculous as teamwork—the amazing, almost magical interplay between human beings—I hate when they use …

Up-close photo of a patch of green clovers

Making Your Own Luck

Mid-March always brings two events to mind. One date was not so lucky: Caesar should have stayed home on the Ides of March, or not walked do…

Photo of two people working together at a desk

Onboarding Your Boss

You have a new boss. Who has responsibility for getting her or him on board?